First, decide the area where the fence will be installed, require appropriate set-back, line of land, local code etc. Run string line marking fence line and location of posts. Skill sawing, quickcrete, level, hammer, wood screws, tape measure, L-supports, cedar pickets, 4x 4 posts, 2x4s, 1x2s, and cedar lattice are some essential tools / materials required.

Concrete 8 feet apart in 4x 4 posts along line of loop. Keep in mind this Cedar fence is built from scratch, (if you plan to build from cedar lattice fence panels, then you can still use these guidelines but mount the panels according to the manufacturing instructions). Until proceeding, let posts set a time, make sure they are consistent. Instead, green treated posts can be used, but cedar looks better and can be treated with sealer to last a long time.More info Datson Fence

First start with the 2×4’s, the top will need to reach the top of the posts by more than 8 feet, the next 2x 4 will be fixed 1 foot below the rim, screws and or L-supports can be used. The third 2 x4 is placed about 2 inches from the ground at the foot.

Cedar fence pickets are mounted along and balanced between 2×4’s. 1×2 Torn or if you can find a cedar trim in order to protect the pickets. Tighten and finish screwing to the trim as necessary.

First, cut and mount the Cedar lattice between top two 2×4’s. Use the same centering method, and use trim to hold it in place. The cedar lattice should not be more than 12 inches tall, this helps you to cut 4 pieces from a lattice board of 4×8 foot cedar. If they need gates. Frame the cedar fence gate using the same height dimensions as the fence but allow for a gate gap of at least 1/2 inch on each side for easy opening. Use the gate hinge / latch kit, and mount using the kit’s instructions.

Last is the use of a shield or water sealer for a long-lasting and fantastic look. This should be done regularly or so the natural beauty of cedar is not lost and the cedar is not grey. An example is the water seal from Thompson which retains the natural color, using a sprayer type of deck which makes it easy to apply.