A golf player also wants a ball to stop quickly after it’s hit. Backspin putting on the golf ball is a perfect way to achieve that result. Using backspin may result in a shot that draws back five to ten feet quickly after landing. Backspin is especially useful when hitting a pitch and stopping shot over obstacles between you and the green, or when the pin is behind the green with a steep slope.how to clean golf grips has some nice tips on this.

Putting back-spin on a golf ball is considered one of the sport’s toughest shots. Practicing this strategy on a driving range is very helpful before you try it out on the golf course. Although looking for the aid of a professional golf teacher is recommended, there are plenty of options for players wishing to self-teach the backspin technique.

In putting backspin on a golf ball, there are three main factors involved: technique, equipment and circumstances. Proper technique is important. Start by playing the ball slightly ahead of your stance, just left of your belt buckle. That will help with the correct angle of attack. Locked, relaxed wrists are critical. It results in more spin making the club going under the ball. The aim is to “pinch” the ball from club to fairway. To do that, a long, falling downswing must hit the ball cleanly. The ball must also be hit with sufficient speed and force. When the swing is over, keep your head down until it is forced up by your neck.

Equipment is also important to put back-spin on a golf ball. Pick a ball with a high spin / soft cover. It allows the ball to “stick” to the target, and remain longer in contact with the ground. The ball will roll the face of the club grasping the grooves of the club, allowing the spin of the ball. The best club for that is a small iron or wedge. The wedge has a large loft and flange that stops it from sinking into the turf and creating a large divot.

Finally, it’s very helpful to create proper conditions for backspin. You have to be on the fairway, the greens have to be well kept and the conditions have to be fairly dry. If the ball is in the rough, or if any dirt or grass clogs the grooves of the bat, the ball won’t spin. It is best that you do not backspin your golf ball on an important game until you master the skill. You’ll need a lot of practice on that.