A bed frame serves not only as a mattress support base but also as the bed ‘s main statement itself! Frames come in a variety of styles and sizes, and can reflect almost any choice of design. If you don’t know your metal frames from platform or adjustable frames then read on!

The most common form of framework is metal frames. They are used in traditional configurations and have headboard and footboard attachments. One of these styles has an affordable cost and can be bought from furniture stores and retail locations. Generally, wheels are mounted to the feet of metal bed frames to allow easy movement. To provide height and additional support, a box spring is required below the mattress.read reviews of bed frames.

Platform frames suit bedrooms of contemporary style. A platform base holds up the mattress, and does not require a box spring. Most platform frames are made of materials like wood or wood. Waterbeds are an example of such bed type. Other features might include built-in drawers or storage areas below the platform.

Wooden frames are more heavy in weight and may be difficult to push around. With this style even a headboard and footboard can be used. A thinner piece of wood is usually laid between the box spring and the frame to keep the mattress collection from moving.

Adjustable bed frames are similar to those used in hospitals and would allow the sleeper to lift and lower the bed’s foot and head to match their own needs. Typically these types are more costly than the other frames, because flexible ones need a special form of mattress.

Bunk beds save space and have accommodation for many sleepers. These can be made of materials from metal or wood, and differ in size and design. Traditional bunk beds consist of 2 twin beds, one above the other. Today many consist of a twin bed at the top and a full size bed frame at the bottom. Some bunk beds even have a regular bed frame above and a desk area underneath

Trundle bed frames are another option for multiple sleepers, and are a bunks-like choice. It consists of a standard twin size bed frame with an underneath pull out twin size bed. The second bed is capable of sliding in and out for easy storage and provides more space when not in use.