Skin cancer is the world’s most common disease among men and women. The two specific subtypes in particular are called basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. Luckily, these skin cancers can be handled very well, particularly if caught early. Checkout Skin Cancer Removal near me.

Early diagnosis is critical since facial skin cancers may be treated. When observed there are several treatment options. The goal in treatment is cancer prevention.

There are two ways in which this is done:

1) Large Regional Excision-Cancer is extracted by taking extra skin around the apparent part of the cancer as a buffer to insure that small cells are eliminated. This is a good option where there is no risk of extra skin being lost so replacement is not an issue. Such is the case in places such as the face and/or back when examining facial skin cancers.

2) MOHS Procedure-MOHS procedure is a method through which the doctor extracts apparent skin cancer. While you are still in the hospital, he / she will check under the microscope at the borders of the cancer that has been eliminated and decide whether more skin needs to be removed to kill the cancer entirely. Reparation of the skin condition is deemed once all disease is extracted.

MOHS procedure is useful in facial regions where it is more difficult to repair. This eliminates the smallest amount of skin possible while still safely removing all of the cancer. Cure levels by a trained MOHS surgeon utilizing the MOHS micrographic surgical technique are calculated to be as high as 99%.

Because the head and neck are such a noticeable region, MOHS or cancer defect repair is an important factor when treating skin cancers. Often this is accomplished by a cosmetic facial surgeon who works closely with a MOHS surgeon. MOHS repair solutions are many beyond the reach of this report.